Thursday, July 7, 2011


As you can probably tell I'm not much of a Blogger. As the time goes on I tend to stray farther away from technology. I rarely check facebook or twitter and when I can leave my cell phone at home I do. I just always forget about them and think why in the world would someone care where I'm at or what I'm doing at the moment. I am thankful though for all this technology, it has made keeping in touch with family around the world much easier.

Doing this blog I have had the same attitude, why in the world would someone read this and who really cares about the "adventures" in my life. But I coming to find out that this is a great way for me to process and to share the testimonies of what God is doing in my life, hoping that it may be a bit of an encouragement to those reading too. So here is a bit of a recap of what's happened the past couple months that I haven't recorded:

May's adventure: going to see Bon Jovi in concert! This was hysterical, we were one of the youngest groups of girls there. The biggest fans were all at least 40(which they should be) and were so funny to watch. Lets just say concert entertainment has changed so much... spirit fingers were used often

June's adventure: going to San Pedro Sula, Honduras! OH what an amazing experience this was. It was so great to see the people, see how God's gospel is being spread through out the city, to see how God is using Brother Moaricio to love on high school students and run the Youth for Christ ministry at a camp, Rancho Viva, about two hours away from the city. Its absolutely beautiful (pictures to come)! I loved this city, I'm obsessed with all the different colors of the houses and buildings, the details in the gates around the house, the style of decoration, the language (I'm determined to learn spanish this year), the food, the people, the children and would be totally fine if the Lord told me to move there.
It was an honor to be on a trip with Soup and Linda Campbell. Just sitting and eating with them was refreshing, so much wisdom and love in their lives. I learned so much from just watching how Soup leads and was so encouraged by the long talks I had with Mrs. Linda. I pray that when I'm their age I will still be up for adventures and be ready to go teach Gods truth whenever asked.

*Please Pray: one of our translators from the trip is actually coming to the states in about a week and is getting to go on the Fellowship Student Ministries camp trip! Pray that a deep relationship with the Lord would be cultivated and the Holy Spirit would ignite a fire in him that would not dwindle.

July's adventure: I know a couple months ago I talked a little bit about fasting during Lent and how I was terrified about going with out a meal. Though I have fasted before in the past and have truly enjoyed it, it's not my first thought or a real desire. Well the Lord is having me face my idols and enemies head on so this month I am studying and learning all I can about Biblical Fasting. I'm almost done with a study by Kay Arthur and Pete De Lacy called "Key Principles of Biblical Fasting". This is unbelievably eye opening! I knew I didn't know much about fasting but come to find out I knew zip about Biblical Fasting. I can't wait to share more about what the Lord is teaching me through this!

God is doing great things, He is so gracious and loving!!

Trust Him. Ask Him. Wait on Him!