Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soap Bubbles

I hit number 50 this week on my list of thankfulness. Through the first couple of days the major things that I am thankful for come to my attention- my home, my bed, my job, etc. Then I realize, all of the "big" things I am thankful for are going to end at around 75-100. I started talking with the Lord and asking Him "1,000 Lord, really". He said yes really, that means after you see the "big" gifts I have given you, you are going to have to start noticing all the small gifts I am giving you.
It's easier to notice the bigger gifts that you use everyday and that are staples to your life. It takes work and discipline to begin to slow down and truly smell the flowers/notice the small gifts the Lord is blessing you with. As I read through Ann's story there is a point where she is thanking God for the soap bubbles and how the sun reflects these beautiful colors off of them.... SOAP BUBBLES! How teeny tiny those are but how packed they are with beauty... Gods beauty! I want to be noticing the soap bubbles in my life!!

The list so far (not ranked my importance):

1.crossfit/excitement for the weight loss journey the Lord has me on
2. surprise nights off
3. The sweet families I work for/have
4. cozy flannel sheets
5. cuddle duds-best pajamas!
6. the smell of a blue "volcano" candle burning
7. extended time at a book store
8. my job
9. children's excitement over a cupcake
10. eating lunch with a preschooler
11. daily victories over addiction
12. My brother- love his artistic, loving, crazy self
13. My Dad- LOVE this man! I pray for a man like him to be my husband
14. My Momma- the Lord has taught me so much through her
15. The 13 years I did have with my Aunt G.
16. That Nana lived with us
17. Downline ministries
18. My years in Denton
19. The Vaughan's
20. for beautiful colors
21. for the memory I do have
22. a warm house (a heater that works)
23. Friends who call me out on my sin
24. The Orozco's
25. Katie King- for embracing me
26. Kelsey Tennison for unconditional love
27. Every roommate I have had... The Lord has used these girls to shape who I am today
28. a cell phone that works
29. Paul Sunday, the boy I support in Uganda
30. encouraging conversations
31. common hearts with sisters in Christ
32. connecting families with sitters who bless the whole family
33. Fresh breakfast smoothie
34. quiet mornings to spend in the Word
35. beautiful music
36. a warm shower
37. productive days
38. phone dates with distant friends
39. socks
40. eyeglasses and contacts
41. freshly brushed teeth
42. a hot cup of green tea
43. my car
44. money to buy gas for my car
45. for pretty things- architecture, home decor, art, etc
46. the smell of bacon this morning reminded me of family time at the cabin
47. being able to buy food
48. unending grace
49. all the things inside my home- furniture, clothes, dishes, jewelry, shoes, art supplies
50. being able to dream about BIG ideas

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  1. i love this list mega! and, I love your new profile description - so you!