Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book #2-Heavenly Man

A few months ago I was re-listening to one of my favorite speakers, Kerry Sheer, who taught at a church woman's retreat a couple years ago. Every time I listen to her talks I get reminded of the disciplines that come with pursuing the Lord and what a joy they are!! One thing Kerry encourages women to do is to read books! That books are away of sitting a learning from others and gleaning from their wisdom of what the Lord has taught them. And in her words "Some of ya'll may say that you don't really like to read, my one advice for you about that is, get over it!" I am one of those who fall into the category of not being a big reader.

So I grabbed my precious friend, Katie, who loves to read and asked if she would be up for reading one book a month with me. So we started off with "1,000 gifts" and now I just finished my second book "The Heavenly Man".

OH my goodness talk about rocking your world. This book is so inspiring and challenging. Brother Yun is a committed warrior for Christ and it is truly amazing to hear what all the Lord has done in his life. Brother Yun has been through physical persecution like you wouldn't believe, there was one point I had to put the book down because I was completely horrified by the things that were happening to him. By reading through it though it gave me a clearer picture of how horrific Christ's sacrifice must have been. I also loved that you get to hear from his Yun's wife as well in some of the chapters. What an amazing women she is!

This is a book I couldn't put down and I am so thankful for this challenge this year to read one book a month!! Next book: Bruchko, its about a 19 yr old who heads into the jungles to evangelize a murderious tribe of South American Indians and he gets kidnapped.

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