Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Too good to be true"

August has been filled with lots of first in my life.  So many exciting things happening I just keep thinking "This is too good to be true"... His grace is "too good to be true"!!  

For about 6 weeks the Lord has been patiently shepherding and teaching me about the discipline of Fasting and Prayer.  This has been hands down the most sweetest and intimate time with my Father.  To truly live day to day not satisfied by bread but by the words that come from His mouth (Matthew 4).  By His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit through these weeks He has broken many deep rooted chains that have kept me from walking in freedom for many years.  Ahh joy and peace just well up inside of me just thinking about it all.  To truly be walking as a new creation and to not be falling back into the sin I was so tangled up in is nothing less than pure joy and peace!!

These are two books I highly recommend in learning more about the discipline.  The book on Key Principles, is a great study that walks you through the Bible- what Jesus says about fasting and different passages of scripture that give different situations on why we are called to fast.  The book by John Piper, stirs your heart and asks deep questions on where our true satisfaction comes from.  

"Therefore, when I say that the root of Christian fasting is the hunger of homesickness for God, I mean that we will do anything and go without anything if, by any means, we might protect ourselves from the deadening effects of innocent delights and preserve the sweet longings of our homesickness for God."


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